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         PET WASTE            REMOVAL

Pet waste is no fun ! Hire us for pet waste removal now !

              Someone's gotta do it !

Why should you when you can hire me ?
Keep your yard sanitary and keep down the smell, especially in summer!

Hire me to clean up your yard and never worry about smelling dog poop or picking it up again !

Hire me for Litter box Service and never scoop poop again!

Not an easy service to find, but I do it !

1)  Yard Clean-up

Pet waste removal from your yard
See rates chart below

Start a No-Poop Group !
Get your neighbors on-board for a cleaner neighborhood.

2) Litter box Service

pet sitting cat in litterbox

Scooping- $10-15 based on your location.
Daily service suggested unless you set up 2 boxes for each cat.

Empty, sanitize and refill- $25
Weekly or monthly

Litter box service is great for pregnant women, helping them to avoid feces-borne illness that can pass on to the baby. 

If you choose not to use this service, you DO NOT need to "get rid of " the cat.
** Pregnant women simply need to wear gloves or have someone else do the scooping. 
In the absence of these, simply wash hands well with hot water and hand sanitizer. 

Dog  Waste Clean up Rates :

Once Monthly
Every Other Week
Every Week
1 dog= $45
1 dog=$35
1 dog= $15
2 dogs= $55
2 dogs= $45
2 dogs= $25
3 dogs= $65
3 dogs= $55
3 dogs= $35
4 dogs= $75
4 dogs= $65
 4 dogs= $45

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