Mountain Pet Sitters - Pet Sitter, dog walker for Albuquerque & East Mountain residents and vacationers. In your home or hotel.

Dog Walking Service

            Would Your Dog Like 
a Potty Break or Play-time ?

Works long hours ?
Day-trip ?
Bad weather, cant get home ?

pet sitting dog playingFun and exercise for your pet
No poop in your house
Its a win-win !

pet sitting  dog pooping
I come to play, cuddle, walk, feed or give treats when you can't be there !

Do you work long hours? Your dog may seem ok, but its likely he/she would appreciate and benefit from a midday break and some companionship when you can't be there.

Want to do a day-trip? Sometimes its easier to leave the dog at home. 

What about those unexpected events?

1) You go to Santa Fe and decide that you'd like to spend the night. Wouldn't it be nice to have the choice?

2) You're stuck and cant get home due to a snow storm. What would you do?

I have clients who allow me to keep a key at my home or they hide one on their property for me, just for these occasions.

Daily, once per week, occasional and emergency dog walking service

RATES- start at $15 per visit/walk of 15 to 30 minutes on average. Rates vary based on location, frequency and duration of visit/walk. Negotiable.

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